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Stop Living In This Land Go to the everlasting world of happiness Live there forever_SpanishStop Living In This Land Go to the everlasting world of happiness Live there forever_SpanishStop Living In This Land Go to the everlasting world of happiness Live there forever_SpanishStop Living In This Land Go to the everlasting world of happiness Live there forever_Spanish

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  Now, the time for a fundamental universal solution has come. “Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever” explains the reason of human existence and the reason why we are born into this world, the fundamental principle of the world and recovery of the true self.

– San Francisco Chronicle, January 6, 2013

   At last, the way to become complete is here. Now we can live in the everlasting world of happiness. By discarding the fake within one s mind, one can live as the infinite, never changing universe, which is the true self. This book unveils the mystery of the human mind and teaches the ultimate solution to become liberated from the illusion of the false self and live forever as Truth. It gives all people hope to be free of pain and suffering.
This book is for everyone: those seeking happiness, those suffering from stress and worries, those searching for the meaning and purpose of life, those wanting to understand the human mind, those wanting to know the universe mind, those interested in spirituality and Truth, and those wanting a unified world of harmony and peace. The diversity of people interested in these teachings is as vast as humanity itself.
What is the human mind? What is the meaning and the purpose of life? What is enlightenment? Countless numbers have asked these questions and many have tried to answer them. This book provides the ultimate answers. Now is the time to stop living in this land.
Now is time to go to the everlasting world of happiness. Now is the time to live forever in the true world. Woo Myung will teach you how.


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2013 Montaigne Medal Finalist
2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist


While travelling around the world, I have found that although the language and customs of each place is different, people’s lives are essentially the same – everyone eats and lives. However, no one knows where it is that they are going, what they live for, or why they live and die. These are questions that man cannot solve, if he even contemplates them at all.

I have attended many meetings around the world, for U.N. members and spiritual, religious and political leaders, as well as holding seminars, discussions and giving speeches for people worldwide. But regardless of the location or audience, my message has always been the following:

It is because man is incomplete that religions have been split into countless different denominations, and the reason there are many different political ideologies is that such thoughts and systems arise from man’s incomplete mind. I tell them that when man becomes complete, he will transcend religion, and all schools of thought, politics, philosophy and education will go beyond what exists at present and become Truth – they will become complete. I tell them that it will thus become possible for the world to become a place where all are one. This can happen when people change from their human minds to the mind of the universe, the mind of Truth, and they are created anew in the universe. They are then complete because they are immortal and without death. When the above is explained in this way, all people agree.

From the age when people stored false and futile things in their minds, it has now become the age when man can live forever, by discarding the minds he has put in his mind, becoming the mind of the universe and being reborn.

I also tell them that everyone in the world will become complete because Meditation has the method for human completion. If people get rid of their false minds, they will be born as Truth with true minds, so it will be possible for everybody to become one. People ask me if this is possible in reality, to which I tell them it has already been realized and that many people have already become complete. When people cast off their heavy burdens, not only do they become healthier because they are no longer stressed, they become saints. It is the age when anyone can become a saint.

Everyone agrees when they are told that to achieve this, man must go from adding to his mind – the age of incompletion – to subtracting what is in his mind, and he will then become the original mind which is Truth and the universe. They applaud when I tell them that once a person is reborn from this universe, this place here is the complete world that does not die; that right here is everlasting heaven. There are many people who begin the practice of discarding their minds after hearing this speech.

It is possible to know all the ways of the world when one is free from his illusionary, individual mind and sees with the mind of the universe. But furthermore, when one is reborn with the everlasting mind and body of the universe, he can escape death and live forever.

If until now, the history of mankind has been one of rapid development of a material civilization, it is now the age of a new world – a world of the true consciousness that unfolds on this land wherein this place here is heaven while we are living. That time is now.

Throughout history we only heard of Truth, but it is now the age when anyone can become a saint and a holy man. What people truly need to do is to become Truth and complete, and thus become immortal. There is nothing more important in the world than living, which is why there can be nothing more important than this.

Editorial Review

When people become free of themselves and become Truth, the world will become a peaceful place. This book is a living textbook on Truth that is destined to be a required reading for all humankind. It explains and answers all of fundamental questions, which remained elusive throughout the ages, such as: Where did we come from? Where do we go? and What is the purpose of human existence? Mr. Woo Myung urges all to subtract the false that is the human mind world, where there is only death and suffering. He informs the readers that the True world exists, which is a heaven without any darkness, sorrow or stress; and that all human beings are meant to enter and live in this True world. He further gives the readers hope on the dawning and reigning of a new era in this world, where all humankind can become truly complete beings and be able to live forever in the True world.

– Boas Yu, EdD, RN, GCNS-BC, FNP-BC, CRRN, CNE Assistant Professor